Sunday, June 2, 2013


Pizza is always an adventure. That gooey cheese atop light brown crust with toppings that set your mouth to party. At Disney's Animal Kingdom, pizza literally is an adventure at Pizzafari!

This bright colored quick-service restaurant is a great stop for a big pizza on a hot summer day.

The atmosphere is fun and colorful. Huge murals paint the walls in oranges, pinks, blues, purples, and greens. Giant animals race across the restaurant, entertaining diners that manage to tear their eyes away from their food and onto the decorations around them. Even the chairs get into the spirit here, but be careful, otherwise they might just fly away. 

I found Nemo! This mural took up a whole wall. 
The dining area is huge. There are a couple of rooms this size to enjoy your pizza in.
No worries about finding a table here! 

I was looking forward to having pizza. For some reason, I love Disney pizza. The crust is golden and fluffy, piled high with cheese and pepperoni. Tip: If you only want a pizza, just ask. Don't pay for the side salad. Getting just a pizza brings the cost down by $3. We just got pizza this time around, but they had a dessert selection that included chocolate mousse, which looks delicious. Cast Members, this is one of the few quick service places that you can use your discount! 

Yum! Seriously, it was so good. 

Overall, Pizzafari was a great find, and one I wouldn't hesitate to return. The pizza was huge, and I probably should have split it with someone. It was yummy and hot, the perfect thing for a hungry stomach.
Look for the monkeys coming out to play!  
Aren't these butterfly chairs beautiful? 

This turtle just wanted to have a little fun. Keep your eye out for these small details all over the restaurant. 
Now, that you are full of pizza, go exploring! And have a wild day! 

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