Sunday, June 2, 2013

L'Artisan Des Glaces

Why are so many things better when they are French? ;) Like castles, cities(Paris!) and boys, things are just better when they are French, and ice cream is no exception. In Epcot, the normal American can now experience the deliciousness of French Ice Cream at the brand new L'Artisan Des Glaces.

Try the profiterole, it's really good!

I just thought this was the loveliest cabinet!
This little store has a lovely collection of sorbets and ice creams. It is set up like an old ice cream parlor in the French countryside. Look for the little details, like the different ice cream tools in the cabinets. The colors of the store are creamy pastels, such as purples and blues. It is a calming atmosphere, and you feel transported into the days of romantic France. The smells of waffle cones waft outside the brick facade, tickling the noses of passersby.

Ice cream!

The ice cream tools on the shelf.
You pay first, then bring your receipt to the Cast Member scooping the ice cream. Now is the fun part: choose your ice cream! Try some of the more unique flavors, like profiterole. You can have it in a cup or a cone. I recommend the cone, because they are freshly made waffle cones.

So many choices!
My decision? Mint chocolate chip and profiterole. 

As the Cast Member piles the ice cream high, the anticipation builds. Once that little beauty is finally in your hands, there is no holding back. The store itself has no indoor seating, but there are tables gracing the cobblestones outside. There is also a lovely garden and several fountains by which to enjoy your treat.
The street outside the shop. 

It was warm and my ice cream was melting. But it was so good! 
Anytime you are wandering the streets of France, be sure to drop by L'Artisan Des Glaces. You won't regret it! 

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