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Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party: Tips!

This might just be my favorite night of the year. Everyone gets to dress up and go to the Magic Kingdom. You just combined two of my favorite things, playing dress up and Magic Kingdom! But, if Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is on your fright list this year, here are thirteen frightful tips to the have the scariest time imaginable! Believe me, it's a scream!

I decided to dress up as Ariel. It was so much fun! 
Tip #1: Scare up some good costumes.
Yes, even the grownups need to spend some time playing dress up! Moms and Dads, don't let your kids have all the fun on this one. Jump on in there! We were a group of all adults, and you'd better believe that every one of us dressed up! Some awesome families all dress in the same theme, such as Incredibles or Snow White and the Seven Dwarves(if you have seven kids, this is an adorable idea!). Whether you are matching your kiddos or everyone doing their own thing, everyone needs a costume. When else are you going to take pictures in front of a castle dressed as a princess and a space ranger? Never, is the answer ;) Which leads us directly to our next tip...

I want to be...where the people are.... 

Tip #2: Don't hesitate to take photos!
Take pictures. Lots and lots of them! That is all. ;)

Princess twirls! 
Tip #3: Go Early! 
You can get in the parks as early as noon in your costumes, as long as you have a valid entrance. If you only have your Not So Scary ticket, than you enter Magic Kingdom at 4pm. Embrace this early time! Get some good photographs, and if your little Belle absolutely needs a picture with Gaston, then this would be the time. Want to get a nice dinner but don't want to sacrifice party time? Book a 4:30 ADR and use your early entrance. Then whip out your camera for some nice pictures while the sun is still up!

Tip #4: DON'T Do The Attractions 
I know, it seems odd. Why would you go to Magic Kingdom and not do the rides? Well, if you paid $60 for a MNSSHP ticket, then it is a smart idea. If you have other days at Magic Kingdom, then use those days for hitting the attractions. Take the time at the party to do party specific things, and don't ride rides!

These guys were the cutest! Don't you just love their costumes?
Tip #5: Watch The Second Parade 
The first parade is always crowded and crazy. The second parade is a lot calmer. Go to Frontierland for an almost private view. Keep your camera ready for the Headless Horseman!

The Haunted Mansion dancers were awesome!

Tip #6: Get Your Favorite Characters Early 
If you will simply die without a picture of Flynn and Rapunzel, then don't save them for last. The character meet and greets end about a half hour before the party does, so make sure to find your favorite characters first.

Daisy and I definitely had a princess connection. 
Tip #7: Skip Jack and Sally 
 Especially if you live near the West Coast and have the opportunity to go to Disneyland, skip Jack and Sally's Meet and Greet. It really is not worth the 3 hour line. Just hop on over to Disneyland, where they wander around New Orleans Square every September and October. Seriously, this line will be hours long. If you simply must meet them, then either be in line around 6pm or get in line at 11:30pm, so you sacrifice the least amount of party time. Be prepared to wait a minimum of an hour for your photo op!

Cinderella, Ariel, and Belle. 

Tip #8: Candy Trails!
Find the candy trails. Walk down them with open treat bags. Thank the Cast Members profusely. Go on your merry-not-so-scary way. That is all. :)

Tip #9: Make Sure To See HalloWishes
These fireworks are awesome. If you aren't able to be in Magic Kingdom on 4th of July, then these almost-360-fireworks will blow your mind. I loved them. The music isn't my favorite, but Disney can sure put on a show. Of course, my favorite place to see them is the Hub, right in front of the Partners statue(the statue of Mickey and Walt). I always feel like fireworks were designed to be seen in front of the castle...

This is Halloween, this is Halloween....
Tip #10: If You See Some Merchandise You Want, BUY IT!
All the MNSSHP merchandise is party specific. So, if you want the pin, the t-shirt, the souvenir popcorn bucket, or anything else that is MNSSHP, buy it the night of your party! The other stores on Disney property do not carry party stuff. Believe me, I know. And I have had several disappointed guests who were not able to get their souvenirs. Don't be a bummed out guest! Prepare in advance, and buy when you get there.  :)

Tip #11: Take Advantage of Photopass
There are several party photos on Photopass. If you have Photopass +, definitley take advantage of these special magic shots. Because who doesn't want the Hitchhiking Ghosts in their photos?

This is one tip I didn't even take advantage of, but now I would love to see those photos.... 

Tip #12: Plan, Plan, PLAN 
We kind of just winged it for our party night, because we knew the parks so well. However, there were still things we missed that we could have made time for had we a better evening plan. So, sit down with your travel party and map out your night as best as you can beforehand. Have a good idea of what everyone wants to do, so no one misses out. As soon as you enter the park, pick up a special MNSSHP map. If you have any Cast Member friends, ask them if they can find out what times and where the special character meet and greets will happen. This will help you come up with a good park plan!

I love the fall decorations! 
Tip #13: Above All, Have A Frightfully Good Time!
Even though we managed to accomplish half of what we wanted to do, our time at MNSSHP was amazing. Enjoy yourself! Give Mickey and Minnie a big hug, get some candy, and have an amazing time at the most magically frightening place on Earth! Really, Disney is the one place you can be a kid again, and Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is the perfect place to become the princess or ghoul you always wanted to be.

The boss, his lady, and our group!

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