Thursday, June 26, 2014

Totally Random Thursday: The Depths of MK Strollers

Forget Throwback Thursday, this is the random, thrown together, off-topic-unless-that-topic-is-Disney, thoughts that were running through my head at work today.

A) All of my friends in this photo are amazing. B) Don't we all look dapper?
C) Everyone reading this post should come to Dapper Day this year!
Today, I spent my morning working at Magic Kingdom strollers. Which meant that 4.5 of my 6 hour shift was spent under the train station cleaning strollers. Rubbing them down. Each. And. Every. One. I have a very intimate knowledge of strollers now. :) Don't get me wrong, it was a wonderful morning, even though most of it was under the Walt Disney World Railroad. The huge room with rows and rows of strollers would shake like the thunder from the Apocalypse every time the steam train ran overhead. This being Florida, I simply thought it was a major thunderstorm until I realized that a monster is racing across.

Probably one of my favorite selfies. The photographers had our camera and we all
decided to jump in for a picture. If you CM's ever see this, you are awesome!