Friday, June 28, 2013

Be Our Guest

Put our service to the test. Tie your napkin around your neck and we provide the rest.

Be Our Guest 

On Monday, I got to experience the most magical night of my Disney career to date. That was the night I had a chance to experience the power of fairytales as I dined with the Beast in Be Our Guest. This restaurant is a magical story come to life. I think I may have broken a Disney history record by making it to Be Our Guest twice in 48 hours, once for dessert during lunch hours and once for dinner. After doing it both ways, quick service lunch and full service dinner, I can recommend that you go for your first time at dinner. The magic is more real, you can almost feel hear Lumiere and Cogsworth dancing in the background, and the Beast actually wanders the room.

The talking suits of armor. This is where the lunch line heads through. 
Welcome to the Master's Castle. 
I tried and tried to get reservations to Be Our Guest, but there was nothing open until November. Not to be deterred, Monday night I finally decided to try for a walk up. Tip: If you really want to go for dinner, and do not have a reservation, check around 8:45 pm. If they have nothing, go ride Dumbo and see New Fantasyland, before returning around 9:15. That is what I did, and when I returned at 9:15, they were able to seat us. You must have your entire party there, otherwise they will not give you a reservation. My poor friend came running up after I called her, saying they could get us in, but only if she was there NOW! And I had left her on the other side of Fantasyland ;)

Tale As Old As Time 
These talk and grumble to each other. It is fantastic! 
You recive your pager, and are shown to the bridge. This was the moment we began to freak out. You will reach the entrance of the castle, with the palace glittering above you. The water below the bridge is creating a soundtrack for your magical moment, as your host, dressed in regal purple, escorts you the door. As the Enchanted Rose looks on, you are welcomed.

"And now, in the words of Lumiere, Be. Our. Guest!"

And like magic, the double doors open and you are whisked into the ballroom, and into your own fairytale. You have been literally transported into the movie. The cherebum dance on the ceiling, the chandeliers (directly from Italy) sparkle above you, and the Beast is greeting guests in the study. In awe, we walked around the ballroom, unable to believe that I was inside one of my favorite Disney movies. I couldn't imagine what could be more magical. Then we arrived at our table.

My mouth dropped as we were seated. Our napkins were folded delicately into roses. It was gorgeous and absolutely perfect.  Our table was toward the back of the ballroom, so my dining companion and I both sat on the same side of the table, so we could take in the view. The giant picture windows look out onto the balcony where the Beast brought Belle after they danced. Snow is gently falling outside, creating a warm and cozy feeling inside.

Aren't these napkins beautiful?  
Our server let us keep the menus! I was so excited :) Mine is now sitting on my dresser. 

The first course is a bread service. The rolls were warm and delicious sourdough. The bread was fantastic, and the perfect beginning to our meal. Ice water is brought to your table immediately  and neither of us ordered other drinks. First up was appetizers, and I decided to try the French Onion Soup. The cheese topping was fantastic, but the soup was good. The cheese was thick and stringy, and even though I don't terribly enjoy cheese, I really loved the topping on this soup. The soup had a thinner broth with a very strong flavor. Alongside the bread, I thought it worked well, however, it is a very strong taste. Overall, I enjoyed the first course.

Next was our meal! I decided to be a little adventurous and try the ratatouille. It was amazing! I enjoyed it immensely. The roasted vegetables with the fried leaf on top of the quinoa was incredible. The flavors burst in my mouth, and when paired with the bell pepper garnish, was magical. Literelly. I loved it. The dish was thick and hearty, and I was stuffed after finishing it. For a vegtable based dinner, it was incredible. Perfectly seasoned and wonderfully cooked.

My dining partner got the salmon with potatoes. That was also lovely. The salmon was moist and tender. The potatoes were seasoned beautifully, pairing the salmon in a delectable combination. She greatly enjoyed her meal as well.

We had incredible service at Be Our Guest. Our server asked us if we were celebrating anything. Well, the only thing we were celebrating was a chance to try Be Our Guest, but that was enough for us to try the Grey Stuff! The Grey Stuff is a special dessert for those who celebrating, such as a birthday or anniversary. We were lucky enough to try it! Let me tell you, it's delicious! If you don't believe me, ask the dishes. It was a cookies and cream mousse, with candy beads on top. The perfect conclusion to our incredible meal.

Try the Grey Stuff, it's delicious, don't believe me, ask the dishes!  

When I returned to Be Our Guest a few days later, I had the chance to try the lemon meringue cupcake. The meringue was spongy and worked nicely with the vanilla cake. The lemon curd filling was heavenly, and I was very happy with my choice. Really, I don't know if you can go wrong here. Everything I have tried is fantastic!

Food is one thing, but the atmosphere definitely contributes to the meal. For dinner, only two rooms are open: the ballroom and the West Wing. We ate in the ballroom, and afterward, explored the West Wing. This is my favorite room of the three. It is dark, with ripped up walls and destroyed curtians hanging from the ceiling. On the balcony is the Enchanted Rose. Every seven minutes, a petal falls from the rose as lightening strikes the castle. The portrait of the prince changes to the Beast for a split-second.
Until the last petal falls...

It is not nearly as dark as the pictures make it look, there is still plenty of light for eating and socializing,
should you be seated in the West Wing. 

We finished off our incredible night in an unbeatable way. Every person dining here has the opportunity to meet the Beast. You can retire to his study at any point for a chance to meet the Master and get pictures with him. If you are like us, and the very last people in the ballroom, you may have the chance for a little more quality time. The Beast found us in the ballroom, still in awe over the experience. He gave me a hug, before putting his arm around my shoulder, and together, we walked through the ballroom. Seriously, it was the best way to finish off the night.

We walked out of that restaurant unable to believe the time we had. There is no better place in Disney for magic to happen. It was incredible. If you have the chance to eat at Be Our Guest, I highly recommend it. If you want a truly magical experience, go for dinner. If you want to see the restaurant and try some good food, head over for lunch. If you delay your lunch until about 2ish, you will waltz right in. Regardless of what experience you choose, Be Our Guest will be a meal you will never forget.


  1. Thanks for sharing, I really wish a trip there was in my near future... I'll have to settle for some point in my lifetime. I love reading all your stories and experiences.

    1. Kimber, one day you will have to come visit! :) When you wish upon a star... :)