Monday, July 29, 2013

Trails End Buffet

Howdy partners! Pull up yer steed and tip your hat to the best breakfast buffet around! Trails End Buffet at Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground is an incredible deal and wonderfully tasty! For a reasonable price, you get a full buffet and a drink, which includes all the Mickey Waffles you could eat! Tip: Cast Members, you currently get 40% off, which means the buffet, drink, and tip is less than $15. Seriously, it's wonderful.

The atmosphere will make you long for the good old days back on the homestead. Whether its the old tin plates or the yogurt parfaits in mason jars, the feel of this restaurant will bring you back home. Everyone here is family, and you are welcomed immediately.

For drinks, you get them in a Mason jar. Of course, I had to have a Diet Coke, regardless of the fact it was breakfast. You can also get coffee, tea, other soft drinks, several juices, and hot chocolate with whipped cream! 

Then, on to the important part: the buffet! 

After your server brings your drinks, it is on to the buffet. There is so much food here, you could feed a whole ranch of cowboys. My personal favorite were the Mickey Waffles, and guess what? They had chocolate chip ones!!!!!!

I had never had chocolate chip Mickey Waffles before, and they rocked my world. Yum! There is also a make your own parfait station, eggs, hash browns, eggs benedict, croissants, breakfast pizza, pastries, donut holes, and more food than I can even think of at the moment. It was spectacular!

I tried everything and most things I loved. The eggs with the pulled pork had a little too much pork for me, but other than that everything else was so good! 

The croissants were moist and fresh, the salmon tender, and the hash browns amazing. I stopped taking pictures after my first plate, because I was too hungry.

My mouth is watering just thinking about it. For the cost of this buffet, it is a ton of food and an incredible deal. I can't wait to go back again!

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