Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Taking Magic For Granted

When I sat down to write this post, my mind was drawing a blank. I haven't written a magical moments post for a long time, but I hadn't realized it. And when I went to write this one, I finally recognized why: because lately, I have felt like the magic of my day to day life had been lost.

Sometimes. I decide to ride the Astro Orbitor with Merida hair ;) 

I went back and read some of my previous posts, and saw a common pattern. So often, those moments that I had deemed magical then, were everyday and commonplace to me now. I sew first time ear hats and hand out Mickey stickers everyday. Those moments that used to be magical have been woven in to the fabric of my everyday life, and instead of sparkling with color, they have become dull and lifeless.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

To Everyone Who Has Been Cut From An Audition

Dear friends(especially my princesses, but definitely the princes too ;),

You have all been there. I was there a few hours ago. That moment when they call numbers 15 and 45, but you are number 33. The twist in your chest as you realize that once again, you weren't good enough. And now, they expect you to walk out of that audition room, through a crowd still waiting to go in, with your head held high as if nothing was wrong. I was there this morning. And as I was fighting frustration on the bus home, I was thinking of everyone around me, who was just as distraught and just as torn up as I was, if not more so. So, I want you to know: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Don't let a single audition determine who you are. I have been on 30+ auditions, each one the same. My cheekbones are too high, my nose is too big, I'm too fat, or too skinny, or my eyes aren't big enough. But ultimately, what does that really matter? Why do we let a Casting Director have the power to tell us we aren't beautiful, to destroy our self-esteem? They have the power because we let them.

Now, speaking directly to those of us whose biggest goal is to make magic. Guess what? Breaking News: you don't have to be a princess to make magic. I promise! You can make magic every single day of your life, even if you aren't wearing a ball gown. Believe me, I know. Put the same passion and heart that you put into auditions into every aspect of your life, and you will become a magic maker. You might not be followed by crowds of people begging for autographs and photos, but the one little girl who you took the time to sprinkle with pixie dust, she will remember you forever. You might take pictures with her, you might even sign her autograph book, and in that moment, you will do something you can never accomplish in entertainment: You made the magic simply by being you.

So, my dear friends, the next time you walk out of an audition dejected, remember. You are truly a princess(or a prince!). There is a King who loves you more than life itself, and that makes you a real princess. Don't let the enemies of greed and desire destroy your inner joy and magic. Take those sparkling qualities with you, and you will become the person that everyone wants to meet. Because you will truly be a Magic Maker.

Just my two cents ;)