Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday's Tips: Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

"It's the most wonderful time of the year..." Christmas carols are ringing, cookies are baking, and snow is lightly falling. Which sounds wonderful, except that it's November(isn't it too early to be celebrating Christmas?) we live in Central Florida(so, no real snow. Ever.), and it is too hot to be baking cookies(it was 85 yesterday). It all only means one thing: Christmas has come to the Walt Disney World Resort! And with Christmas comes one of the best nights of the year. Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party! 

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.... 
Walt Disney World does two hard ticket events every year. One is the Halloween party, Mickey's Not So Scary. We had a fabulous time at that one last September, so naturally, when November came, and the temperatures dropped from 95 to 80, it was obviously time to celebrate Christmas! We attended Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party last Thursday, and it was a blast! Here is an overview of our experiences :)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Magical Moments: Princess Edition

I sat down to update my Facebook page last week, realized that my status update would be extremely long. After considering the pros and cons of a novel length status, I finally remembered I could update my blog instead! Last Tuesday was a truly magical day at work. It was a day I was dreading, because I have a bad cold and a headache. I knew it would take some serious magic and prayer to gat me though the day. Not only was my night truly magical, I had a wonderful time as well! So here is a recap of those magical moments :)

One last fall day at the Magic Kingdom before Christmas begins! 

Magical Moment #1: Knighthood
Sadly, we were completely out of stock of my favorite hat in the whole wide world: my Jessie hat. Without that fine and dandy red hat, I really didn't know what to do. My solution? Don a pink princess cone hat! With streamers waving down my back, a multicolored wand in my hand, and a Sleeping Beauty necklace draped around my neck, I was ready to greet the royal guests of my kingdom. So I placed myself at the Test Track facing door, and began my princess duties for the night. I decided to greet all the little boys(and the big ones, too) who walked in as knights . Most of them just turned red and bashful before smiling shyly at me. One boy, he was about 9 or 10, walked in my door. I greeted him with a "Why, hello Sir Knight!" He took off his hat and bowed to me. I curtsied and then he continued on his knightly adventures. It melted my heart.

Goofy taught me to hoedown :) He was awesome at it!