Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday's Tips: Club Cool

The days are longer, the pavement is beginning to simmer, the crowds expand, and heat bares down. Welcome to summer days at Walt Disney World. The summer sun beats down on tired families, wandering aimlessly through the streets of Disney. Don't let this be you this summer! Look for ingenious ways to cool down, enjoy the long summer days, the hours of entertainment, and the joy that a summer at Disney brings. One of the ways to do this is Club Cool!

I had not heard about this place until after my first trip to Disney. And honestly, many people I talk too on a daily basis have no idea there is a place to get a cool, free, refreshing drink in Epcot. Let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen, it exists! Wander over to Club Cool, right next to the Epcot Character Spot and on your right as you head under Spaceship Earth(the giant golfball).

The groovy interior 
Club Cool is a safe haven for the broke, over-heated tourist who is looking for a cool drink. You can sample Coke Cola from all over the world in small, three-gulp, cups. The drinks are small, but you can have as many as you want, and it is nice and cold.

Try flavors from Mozambique, Costa Rica, Italy, Germany, Japan, Israel, Mexico, and China! 
Sometimes Club Cool is packed full of people. If that is the case, work your way to the back of the store. The columns in the center all have several machines on them, and sometimes the ones in the back only have a few people waiting. Don't let your thirst overcome you and cloud your vision! Look in the back and see if there are less people.

This drink from China tastes like Watermelon Jolly Ranchers. It is really good!
Some of the flavors are really good, some are not. But try them all! It is free and doesn't cost anything. You can have as much as you want! Usually, I grab two or three cupfuls and then head out. It is the perfect refresher and I am ready for another adventure!

Next time you are in Epcot and looking for a cool drink, stop in Club Cool. If the small sodas don't do it for you, you can purchase frozen Cokes and bottled drinks as well. And who knows, you may end up as Mickey's special guest! ;) Have an amazing day of discovery in Epcot, and try soda from around the world!

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