Thursday, June 6, 2013

Whispering Canyon Cafe

Warning: this post will make you run to your freezer for the nearest gallon of ice cream. You have been warned. Proceed at your own risk. 

Wednesdays are my days off now, which means lunch! Yesterday, our restaurant of choice was Whispering Canyon Cafe. This delightful restaurant is located in the Wilderness Lodge. While the decor was fun and the service wonderful, the thing that really drew me here was the bottomless milkshakes. Yes. Bottomless milkshakes. My world was changed in that moment. They were amazing! More on that in a bit.
The entrance. Look at the Indian headdresses gracing the stairs. 
I love the theming here! 
The atmosphere of Whispering Canyon was really fun. It was a beatituful restaurant, located in the lobby of the Wilderness Lodge. The lodge is patterned after the old lodges at National Parks. Personally, it reminded me of the Old Faithful lodge in Yellowstone National Park. The towering ceilings reflect warm, golden sunlight onto the rustic chairs below. There is a stream babbling through the lobby, with a footbridge over the water. And looking out over this setting is the Whispering Canyon Cafe. If you want a hoopin n' hollering good time, this is the place to be.

While waiting to check in, we looked at the Mercantile. Stores are always a great way to kill time!  
Ah! Dale's eating my head! 
The Wilderness Lodge Lobby  
Look, a river runs through it! 
The view from the porch. 

Hurricane season means lots of dark clouds obscuring my outdoor shots. :( 
Love this place!
The restaurant itself follows the same decor of the lobby. It is all wood and rustic, the type of place you could see old trappers getting some grub and sipping coffee. Look at the little details, like the iron images on the lamps or the cowboys in the carpet. Each of the chairs sports a cowboy or an Indian, reminding me of the games we used to play as kids.

Look at the cowboys on the chairs. 

The extensive menu. 
The menu is full of home cooked, filling, grub. You will find all the old favorites, such as pork sandwiches and angus cheeseburgers. The key item on the menu is the Sherriff's all-you-can-enjoy milkshakes! I started with the vanilla, my favorite. It came in a jelly jar, adding to the old West feel. The milkshake was thick and creamy. Mmmmm!

I just want another one....  

The strawberry was excellent!  

The chocolate was good but vanilla was my favorite. 
The lunch menu was vast, but I knew I needed to eat a smaller portion in order to enjoy more milkshakes. Thus, I dutifully asked for a kids menu. The menu for kids had some good choices, and I went with the fish of the day, which happened to be salmon. I got a nice piece of salmon, some wild rice, french fries, a fruit salad and a Diet Coke. It was a great deal! Tip: if you want a little less food, never hesitate to order off the kids menu, even if you don't have a child. We were a group of four adults, and I still got a kids meal. ;) It was the perfect choice, too, because then I could have more milkshake!

It's on a Mickey plate! 
My Diet Coke. About as necessary as a milkshake :) 
My roommate got the pulled pork, which was yummy! It came with coleslaw and french fries. It was thick and full of yummy pork slathered in barbecue sauce. My friends who ordered this were not able to finish it with the milkshakes. It is a lot of food!

If you want to see some of the antics, ask for ketchup. I think we ended up with about 15 bottles. And the next time someone called for ketchup, we delivered ;)

The meal was finished off with chocolate cake, courtesy of my roommate, who let me steal a bite. This was amazing. The ganache was thick and creamy, the cake was moist and full of flavor. It was sweet and perfectly complimented with the fruit. Overall, a great end to the meal. Tip: Cast Members currently receive 40% off here, so if you have a chance, hit Whispering Canyon.

Oh. My. Goodness. 
The service was impeccable here, however, if you want to experience the antics Whispering Canyon is known for, you might want to head here for dinner instead. The restaurant was only half full for lunch, which meant there were not as many crazy antics going on. We still had a great time, excellent food, and yummy milkshakes, but if you want a rowdier meal, book for a dinner slot.

After our wonderful meal, we hopped the boat to Magic Kingdom to finish off our lovely afternoon.
The cutest salt and pepper shakers. 
If you get a chance, book a meal at Whispering Canyon and make sure to order a milkshake. I heard they even come in carmel, if you ask!

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