Monday, June 17, 2013

Magical Mondays: Undercover Mickey Mouse

Sometimes, I don't feel like I am making any difference in my job. I get parents who are tired with screaming children trying to buy useless things. I just don't see how I am helping make anyone's vacation better or more magical. And then I have moments like these next three that make my job more worth it, and reminds me that every Cast Member has the opportunity to create magic for every person they encounter. And what better job could exist!

Cinderella's Carousal 

Undercover Mickey Mouse
I had the big boss in my store yesterday and didn't even know it!  He was disguised as a little blonde boy named Broady. His head barely reached the counter, but enough to see the Mickey Mouse ears that topped his head. I called him a space ranger, because every little boy who walks through my door is a space ranger, just like every girl is a princess. He looked at me, and smiled, and said "I'm not a space ranger, I'm Mickey Mouse."Of course! There was no other explanation for it. He was Mickey Mouse undercover! He was buying a little Pluto, which makes sense. We had a whole conversation about how he wanted no one to know he was here, and his mother agreed, saying that the autograph hunters would be after him if they found out. As he walked away, I called after him, "Good bye Mickey, say hi to Minnie for me!" He smiled really big, and attempted to tip his Mickey ears to me before continuing on his merry way. 

My Autograph Book 
Princess Jasmine and Snow White
When I was younger and going to Disneyland, I vividly remember a Cast Member with a notebook full of little princesses autographs. She would stop the little princesses in her store and ask for their autographs. That moment never left me, and I knew if I was to one day be a Cast Member, I wanted to do the same thing. So last week, I finally picked up a tiny notebook to keep in my pocket in case I encounter any princesses. The other night, I was working the register and coming up the register next to me was a tiny little Snow White. The girl working the counter with me was as excited as I was, and asked for her autograph. I knew I couldn't be left out of this party, so I jumped up and down, excited as can be for a princess! We talked about the seven dwarfs, and which one was her favorite. I asked if she had breakfast with Prince Charming this morning, which she did not. He must have been traveling. She signed my piece of paper(I had forgotten my autograph book that day) and floated away, her yellow skirt swirling. 

Yesterday, I had Princess Jasmine in my store. I was so excited to see her, I had been waiting all day for a princess to come! I asked her if she had flown here on her Magic Carpet, which of course, she had. But she didn't bring Abu with her, because he makes too much trouble on the long flight. Besides, we had a strict no monkeys policy thanks to the last time he was in our store. I also learned that Morocco was a good representation of her home, Agrabah. That was good news to hear! I asked for her autograph, and she smiled shyly. Then, she asked if she could sign her real name. Of course she could! She was a princess, she could sign whatever name she wanted. I passed her my autograph book and a pen, and we talked of princes and magic as she signed her name. I took my book back, and saw her name perfectly and beautifully written on my little notebook. She glided away with a royal flair and I blew Princess Charlotte a kiss. 

The Loving Princess 
This princess didn't even realize she was a princess. She was confined to a wheelchair and couldn't really speak. I got down on my knees and asked her for a high four with my pink Mickey glove. She smiled at me, gave me a high four, and in her broken speech, asked me what Epcot meant. I told her, Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow(or at the end of a long day, Every Person Comes Out Tired ;) She was so excited, her mom explained that their goal for the day was to find five Cast Members who knew what Epcot meant. I was number 13. She was so excited that she gave me a hug and a kiss. Her mom was so embarrassed and apologized, but I loved it. It made her day that she could find that many people who knew what Epcot meant! I gave her a Mickey Mouse sticker, which she put right on her wheelchair. With big smiles, she rolled away. 

If you need any magic done, this is the gal to talk too! She was giving me lessons ;) 
There were so many magical moments this week. Several people were here for a first visit. And regardless of how old you are, if it is your first visit, you deserve a Mickey sticker! It was fun giving a 19 year old guy Mickey Mouse stickers simply because it is his first visit! :) Or the older man wearing a Happy t-shirt, who just happened to be one of Snow White's seven dwarves. Or maybe it was the couple celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary who told me I was Jessie in human form. I had her looks, her personality, and her sense of adventure. They left calling "To Infinity and Beyond!" 

Under the sea! :) 
Each week is full of magic if I just open my eyes enough to see it. With a boss like Mickey Mouse, what else do you expect? :) 

I never get tired of this. :) 

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