Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Magical Monday's: Princesses and Pin-Trading

There are so many things that make my job different from any other job in the world. No, it isn't that I can turn my costume in every day and have someone wash, dry, and iron it ;) Although that is pretty awesome. It isn't that I get to wear super bright colors, dance to Disney music, wear Mickey gloves and high-four space rangers. It isn't that I work for Scrooge McDuck in his factory, take the orders from his office and deliver the products to our guests. All these things are really awesome, but the best part is that I get to create magic. Yes, as I learned in my training on Saturday, making magic is a part of my job description. And there are so many magic moments this week that I want to share with you. This post is all about the little princesses that entered my life this week. I love the little space rangers and pirates, don't get me wrong, but it is the princesses that make the magic for me.

Princess #1: The Rained Out Princess
Saturday we had a storm of epic proportions. When the rain begins, our store gets busy. Everyone dives for cover. It is a sea of plastic ponchos, screaming children, and soaking wet parents. I always know when the rain starts, because hundreds of people race through the doors. I was standing at the entrance, waving my pink Mickey glove and wishing people a magical day when a little girl caught my eye. She was standing next to her frazzled mother, wearing a bright green poncho and staring at me. I smiled at her. She smiled back, but timidly. I knew I had to go over and see if I could keep that smile on her face. I got down on one knee, and held out my big pink hand. She just stared at me. It wasn't working, so I resorted to a new topic: princesses. This conversation brought a smile to her face. We talked about all the princesses and she promised to tell Ariel hello for me. Her mom finished readjusting the rain gear, I blew the little princess a kiss, and off they went into the rain with a smile on her face and an even bigger smile on mine.

Princess #2: The "Everyone" Princess
This little princess wandered into my path yesterday after I helped her father look for a shirt. She was all smiles and eagerly held up her princess activity book for me to see. That ensued a full conversation about which princess was the best, which princesses she had met, and which princess names she could remember. She quickly told me that "every princess is my favorite." I didn't believe that one, so we dug a little deeper, but she held to her story. Indeed, every princess was her favorite. She asked who may favorite was, and of course, I told her Ariel. She promptly pointed out all the Ariels on her activity book and told me how she had met Ariel. Then, I was pulled away to help another guest, so I gave her a high-five and off she went.

Princess #3: The Pin-Trading Princess 
I will probably never forget this little British princess. She was an adorable blonde princess, I think she may have been Cinderella's little sister. But this princess touched my heart. She came up to me with her mother, asking to see my pins. I love pin-trading, but I had been trading pins all day, so sometimes I forget how special pin-trading can be. For this little princess, it was her very first trade. I got down on my knees, and she asked me how to pin-trade. We walked through the steps of trading, and she selected her very first pin. Another lady with her was so excited she started taking pictures of us trading, to commemorate her very first pin-trade. As she bounced away with her pink lanyard and new Mickey pin, my heart melted. Somewhere in a scrapbook is going to be a picture of me and this little princess who had experienced her very first pin-trade. It was an honor for me to be a part of her magical moment, simply because I was doing my job.

There are so many moments I couldn't discuss them all in this post. You would be reading for days. Instead, these are just three of the little princesses that stole my heart this week. That is what I love about my job. Making Magic.

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