Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off To Work I Go

"'s work and play but work today, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho."

This is another post full of pictures that have nothing to do with the topic,
but I can't really take pictures at work ;) 

Sorry for the lack of updates! I have been exhausted lately, working too much. ;) Ha ha! Anyway, to start off, I LOVE my job. LOVE IT. Today, I am doing floor stocking shifts, which I don't think I will love as much, but yesterday, I worked register, so it was amazing. I got to talk to people all day long. It was the best! 
My costume!
Training was not fun. We did a lot  of e-learning, simulations, etc. It was rough. But then, yesterday, I went for my OJT, or on the job training, and realized how fun my job was. I got to work registers, which wasn't without it's kinks. I am still learning the correct way to count back change, how to send packages to a resort, and how to swipe the Key To The World Card. But that stuff will all come with time. The best part was just talking to people. Every person who walked up to my register had a story. Some people were there for their first visit, and our store was the last stop in their Disney vacation. Others were just arriving. Some had flown in from Australia and England. Our store was their first stop on their Disney adventure. It was humbling to me to think that I was the part of the last memory they would make or the first smile they would see. That is part of what made me love my job.
The most beautiful bathroom in the Magic Kingdom 

The best part of my day were the children, or the princesses and the space rangers, as I called them. Their faces are alive with joy and wonder at the Disney magic. There is a part of Disney merchandise called Merchantainment. No, not the class, the actually act of merchantaining! The class isn't very interesting, but our version is. The goal is to entertain everyone who walks by the store. So, I donned a pair of Minnie Ears, put on a pink Mickey glove and a white Mickey glove, and waltzed outside the store. What followed was the best half hour of my shift.
Sunset over Fantasyland 
We high-foured(because Mickey only has four fingers) almost every person who walked by. I called out Happy Birthday's, Congratulations, and a few Happy Anniversaries. I greeted the little princesses and danced to the music. Then, there was a little boy wearing a Spiderman shirt. He was probably about 3 and adorable. I got down on one knee, high-foured him, and called him Spiderman. His eyes got really big, and he got a huge smile. I asked him if he was going to keep me safe tonight, and he proceeded to show me how to shoot web, and reassured me he would keep me safe. I gave him another high-four and called out, "Goodbye Spiderman!" He bounced away with the biggest smile on his face. That moment was the best of my day. 
A dream is a wish your heart makes. 
We also do these things called "Magical Moments." And that entails pulling out a character board and asking the children in the store to play a game with us. They have to guess all the different characters on the board and then they will get a prize. It was so fun to test the children's knowledge of characters and hand out stickers. 
The Beast's castle. I finally scored Be Our Guest reservations! 
I couldn't believe I was getting paid to actually talk to people, play with children, and make magic all day. It was awesome! Probably the next best thing to doing Entertainment. I am so excited to go to work this week and make magic! Yay for working at Disney! :)


  1. This sounds amazing!! Aww soo precious =)

    1. It is amazing! I am having SO much fun!!!!! :)

  2. Elizabeth if anyone should work at Disney it's you. I'm happy you're enjoying it. Sounds so fun.

    1. Aw, thanks Julia! Miss you girl, hope you are having an amazing summer! :)