Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday's Tips: Epcot Travel Journal

Today's tip is for Epcot!

I love Epcot. It is one of my favorite Disney parks. Perhaps it is because I am obsessed with traveling. In Epcot, I can travel to several different countries and never leave the World. :) Here is a tip for all you travel buffs looking to explore.

Don't discount the Epcot Kidcot stops, even if you are traveling without little ones. You may not need to decorate a Duffy dressed as a Beafeater from London, but the attendants at all the Kidcots will gladly sign something for you in their original language. We stopped at every country and had a wonderful talk with the CM's at the Kidcot tables. They signed my travel notebook, creating a lovely(and free!) souvenir of every World Showcase.

Ask the CM's to teach you a few words in their language. One of my favorite parts of the World is learning about these different cultures. The Kidcot CM's are awesome to chat with if you want to learn more about a particular country.

I just used a Moleskine notebook, and then put pictures of each country opposite the signatures. I also collected my character autographs in here, making one place for everything. It was great to pull out whenever I wanted to reminisce or people would ask me about my trip.

Enjoy your trip around the world!


  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this idea!!! Thank you!!! (I'm khaleesi on the Disboards... just popped over from your amazing dining review!)

  2. Hello! Thanks for stopping by! It is so great to have you :) I love Dis friends. Glad you liked the idea, I still keep that scrapbook on my shelf. It is so cool to have several personal notes written in other languages. Thanks for commenting, it is good to hear from you! :)