Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Disney College Program: Applying

There were few things that terrified me as much as applying for the Disney College Program. The time my plane got hit by lightning or when I missed my train and was almost forever stuck in Switzerland might be close. But I don't know if my heart has ever pounded as much as when I hit that submit button.

I know, I might be a bit dramatic. But applying for Disney is something I have dreamed about since I was a baby. No joke, cross my heart, dare-to-die-should-I-ever-tell-a-lie. So the moment my Web Based Interview link popped up, I was freaking out. This was it. This was the moment.

I sat at the computer for several seconds before I opened the email. My fingers were tapping sporadically on my desk. Disney music was playing lightly in the background. I had kicked my roommate out and she was waiting patiently in the suite for the results. Now, I just had to get up the guts to take the test.

Sending up a short prayer, I opened the link and entered my destiny. Questions were fired at me like rapid dodge balls. I had to think fast. Could I handle the pressure? How would I react when my boss asked me to do something against company policy? Do I consider myself trustworthy? I knew I had mere seconds to answer before the all-knowing computer would make its decision. Then, finally, it was over. The screen went blank. My heart stopped. The music in the background filled the air. Pocahontas reassured me it was "Just around the river bend, waiting just around the river bend."

Then, it appeared.

My fate.

I think I might have screamed, done a little dance, and texted everyone in my family. I had made it through the first step! I was on my way to Disney. I could go the distance, look just around the river bend, and maybe one day be a part of that world. After all, a dream is a wish your heart makes. 

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