Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday's Tips: Character Videos

There is nothing like the characters at Disney. They have literally stepped out of our favorite movies and we get the chance to chat with them! Today's tip is for a unique character souvenir. Tired of the standard autograph book? Looking for a new way to tell friends and family that you missed them on vacation? Grab a couple of your favorite Disney pals for a video they will never forget! 

This video is one I made for my cousin on her birthday. Enjoy! 

You can ask the characters for help with any occasion. Need a way to tell your niece you loved her and missed her? Looking for someone to help announce a pregnancy? Or do you need to send your uncle from Minnesota a video for his birthday? You can't come up with a more special and fun way to make a video!

I took my basic camera, and jumped in character lines. When we got to the front, it was a simple matter of asking the characters to wish Katie a happy birthday. Once I got home, I uploaded the videos to a movie software that came on my computer, such as Windows Movie Maker or I-Movie. Then, add a background track, and viola! It is the perfect character greeting.

Happy Character Hunting!

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