Monday, April 22, 2013

Magical Mondays

The sky exploded in color. I was showered by pink diamonds, blue sparkles, and green jewels. The world was a cascade of color. I was wrapped in the shining melodies, When you wish upon a star.... A huge smile of my face, I looked around at my fellow guests, the pink glow from the castle reflected in our faces. I could have been five-years-old again and walking down Main Street U.S.A for the first time. My heart was full of magic.

Behind me, I hear a little voice call questioningly in the darkness.
"Dad, what would it be like to live next to Disneyland and see Mickey all the time?"
A little boy, perched on his father's shoulders, asked the question with childlike innocence, the colors of the fireworks dancing in his shining eyes.

I smiled to myself, my heart full of gratitude. Yes, I lived close to Disney, yes, I got to see Mickey all the time. And yes. It was magical. Because I'm the girl who always believed in the second star to the right, and I have never grown up.

What is your favorite magic moment? 

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