Monday, May 27, 2013

Magical Monday: My Time As Warwick Davis' Grandmother

There are few people who can say they played the role of Warwick Davis' grandmother. There will be exactly 6 who can say they did so at Hollywood Studios during Star Wars Weekends 2013. And that story is today's Magical Moment.

They are so cute in their Star Wars costumes! 
Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I was up on stage and therefore, you will have to do with the inescapable pleasure of my words. These pictures are going to be from the rest of my day at Hollywood Studios, so this is really like two posts in one. If you get a chance, jump over to my posts about the incredible Darth Vader cupcake and our time at the Sci-Fi Dine In. Both were wonderful! :)

This ride is one of my favorites. 
I had decided that my one goal for Star Wars Weekends was to meet Warwick Davis. Unfortunately, by the time I made it to Studios, the Fast Passes for Mr. Davis were long gone. Depressed, I relegated myself to enjoying the rest of the pleasures of Hollywood Studios. Then, I pulled out my map, and there it was. At 1:45, Warwick Davis was putting on a half-hour comedy show about his life.

Hollywood Studios! The lighting was really tough today. 
I had to go see this show. Being the huge Harry Potter fan I am, I made it my life's goal to be at that show. After waiting an hour to get into a theater, the moment had come. I was finally going to see Professor Flitwick in real life. I couldn't contain my excitement. So, when this tiny man came down the aisle, calling into a megaphone, looking to "cast" his show, I raised my hand really high and practically jumped out of my seat. Perhaps he thought I was channeling Hermoine, because sure enough he came to my seat, hollered into his megaphone, and welcomed me to the cast. I bounded to the front, unable to believe that the Warwick Davis just asked me to be a part of his show!

It's weird how much this looks like the real one in Los Angeles. 
So, the rest of the cast was chosen, and all nine of us headed on stage. I picked up my costume, a grey Granny wig with spectacles, and slipped my red hair up. Transformation complete, I stared out into the glaring lights. There were hundreds of people looking up at me. I loved it. Those staring faces energized me, and I was ready for this show. After a quick pep talk from Warwick, it was show time.

Light saber battle!
Let me tell you, he might be a little man, but he has an incredible amount of energy, a huge personality, and a voice that can reach for miles. He also has a very sarcastic sense of humor, so we got along great. :) When it was time for my lines, I bounded to the microphone, prepared my best British accent, and was ready for my starring role as Warwick Davis' grandmother.

The music began, and Warwick shouts at me to begin dancing. Well, I pulled on all my improv skills, and lack of dancing ability, to try and dance like a grandmother . My next command from our ever soft and gentle director was to begin singing. In front of the huge theater pulsing with people, I sang my heart out to "Celebrate good times, come on!" The audience died laughing.

These guys really aren't as terrible as film makes them. 

I will never forget my next three minutes in my role as grandmother. The audience roared with laughter as I tried to imitate the sweet old lady who helped Warwick get his big break as a Star Wars Ewok. I had a blast, and I think I did a good job, the audience enjoyed it at least. The show was slowly drawing to a close, and I couldn't believe I had the opportunity to act on stage with Warwick Davis. Then, the most magical moment happened.

The strings of Hedwig's Theme began to float over the audience. I got the chills, anticipating what was to come. On the screen, Professor Flitwick was instructing Ron, Harry, and Hermoine on the methods of levitation. And then, out on stage walks Warwick Davis dressed in robes with a wand! He begins to say Flitwick's lines and instructs everyone in the room on how to perform the spell of levitation. Swish and flick! We follow along with him, then a whole pile of feathers falls from the ceiling and floats to the floor. There is nothing more magical than getting a charms lesson from Professor Flitwick himself! 
Roomies! I LOVE this ride :) 
Well, that was the end of the show. As the curtain fell, and the audience clapped, I couldn't believe the opportunity I just had. Seriously, Disney knows how to make magic! Mr. Davis came over and thanked us all for being a part of his cast, shook our hands, and complimented our acting abilities. That was the end of my career on stage with Warwick Davis. 

I don't know why I make these crazy faces...maybe so you can laugh at me? Go ahead, I promise I won't get my feelings hurt ;) 

It was an incredible moment and a magical day. It was unforgettable  and not just to me. A few hours later, as I was standing in line to meet Goofy and Donald Duck, a man with a young boy turned to me and called me "Grandma," complementing me on my acting job. Turns out the audience really did enjoy it!

If you are at Disney this week, make sure to stop by Hollywood Studios, and Warwick's show, if you can! You won't regret it. 

May The Force Be With You!


  1. Great story! The kids loved seeing you with all the Star Wars Disney characters

  2. Aw! I miss them!!!! Give them hugs for me, okay? Good to know they haven't forgotten me yet! :)

  3. This retelling made me feel all magical inside. I love it! The stage loves you! Making people laugh is the best job!

    1. Aw, thanks for stopping by! So good to hear from you! Miss you, hope things are going well :)

  4. Ahh that's the best!! What an amazing opportunity and soo incredibly fun!!

    1. It was so fun! Miss you, girl! :)

  5. I saw Warwick and family at Epcot today which was funny as we live in the same village in the uk and my son went to the same Pre-school as his children. What a small world it is..

    1. Welcome! Thanks for commenting! You're right, "it's a small world after all..." It always makes me laugh how I can manage to travel across the world and run into someone I have a connection with. :) I hope you are enjoying your time at the Walt Disney World Resort and your visit to Epcot. If you are in Epcot again, stop by and say hi! Have a wonderful trip and a magical day!