Saturday, May 11, 2013

Linked up and ready to go!

Is it just me, or does this logo remind you of Monster's University?

A few days ago, I finally received my DORMS link-up. In anxious anticipation, I quickly contacted my roommate, jumped online, and put in our living preferences. For anyone who is an up-coming CP, the process is really easy, I promise. Choose one of your roommates to log into the system. That was my job. I clicked on the link, logged in, and completed my profile.

Then, I simply placed my roommate's number in the "Link to Roommates" section. Hit validate and it will show you the full name of your roommate  This was  relief for me, because I was worried I might accidentally get her number wrong and link with someone I didn't even know. No worries, that isn't even possible. :)

The next step was choosing our unit size and apartment complex. Then there was a series of paperwork to read through and agree with, such as the housing contract. After that, hit print, and my boarding pass printed with my contracts, barcode, and everything else I need for check in. Simple and easy! I already love this new system of Disney's, especially knowing that I don't have to wait in line at 3am in order to have the apartment I want. Now, just a little while longer, and it's move in day!

PS: You know it is going to be an awesome adventure when Mickey is on your housing contract! ;)

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