Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tuesday's Tips: Weather

Anyone who has ever been to Central Florida for an extended period of time, or even just a few days, knows that the weather here is insane. Clinically crazy. Seriously, a straight jacket for this weather wouldn't be unprecedented. And with summer beginning, things are about to heat up. But, don't let the crazy storms and terrible heat ruin your Disney vacation! You've planned for months and spent hundreds of dollars. Don't let a little icky thing like lightening storms mess up your dream trip. Here are a few tips for battling the weather :)

Tip #1: Don't Hate the Rain
Don't do it. So many people go running for the cover of their hotel room when the downpours begin. Don't be one of those people. Instead, know your options. The rain can enhance your vacation if you know your options. Florida storms rarely last all day. They usually roll in about 2pm and head out around 6pm. If you are in Hollywood Studios, check out some of the really neat indoor activities, such as the Animation Academy. Spend an hour learning to draw your own Disney Characters and then go meet Mickey Mouse. If it's still raining, then head on over to One Man's Dream, which is right next door. If you are in Animal Kingdom, why not go to Kilimanjaro Safaris? If the rain is a light sprinkle, this might be one of the best times to see this attraction. The rain brings the animals out of the trees. The most animals I have seen has been during a light sprinkle. Really, the rain can be a valuable asset if you know your options. Many people flee the parks, leaving shorter lines and better experiences. And whatever you do, DONT BUY A PONCHO! Bring a rain coat or poncho from home. Trust me. That $8.50 is better spent on an awesome slice of pizza at Pizzafari. 

Okay, I know this isn't a strictly Disney pic,
but I only have a limited amount of rainy day pics 
Tip #2: They Have to Shoot Off the Fireworks
There are very few things that will keep the fireworks show from happening. Lighting storms are one of them. Downpours are not. They are not allowed to keep the fireworks in their holding tubes overnight, because it is too dangerous. It is like having a loaded cannon in your bedroom while you are sleeping. If it were to go off.....Therefore, the fireworks will almost always happen, even in a downpour, and most definitely in a light sprinkle. If it is too crazy, they will delay them until the rain stops. And if it is raining in the afternoon, don't assume it will be pouring at 9pm as well. I can count on one hand the amount of times they have delayed the fireworks for rain, in the past year I have been here. I would count on the fireworks show happening, regardless of the weather at 2pm.

See? Fireworks in the rain :)
Tip #3: See the Rainy Day Parade!
When it is raining, the normal day parade cannot continue. Instead, they have a really cute parade of characters called the Rainy Day Parade! All the Main Street vehicles come out, with all sorts of characters on them. You will see everyone you would normally see in the parade. All the dancers are wearing rain boots and coats, singing rainy day songs. If the day is a bit dreary, you don't want to miss this cute cavalcade.

Tip #4: You Make Your Own Magic
Sometimes, the weather is absolutely frightfully insane. That could be 100 degrees with 90% humidity, or it could be downpours so thick you can't see in front of you. I have seen both of them happen here. Last summer, the rain was so insane(and dangerous) that we shut down attractions in Magic Kingdom to open them up as storm shelters. It happens. And here is where the best tip in the whole world comes in: The only thing that can ruin your magic is you. If you insist on being frustrated at the rain, then you are going to have a frustrating day. Instead, look at it as an opportunity to do things you wouldn't normally do at home. Sit in Pizza Planet and play some old school video games while eating yummy pizza. Before you know it, you have had a great hour spending time with your family and the rain has moved on. Because at the end of the day, you are still at Disney.

Enjoy your magical day!

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