Thursday, June 26, 2014

Totally Random Thursday: The Depths of MK Strollers

Forget Throwback Thursday, this is the random, thrown together, off-topic-unless-that-topic-is-Disney, thoughts that were running through my head at work today.

A) All of my friends in this photo are amazing. B) Don't we all look dapper?
C) Everyone reading this post should come to Dapper Day this year!
Today, I spent my morning working at Magic Kingdom strollers. Which meant that 4.5 of my 6 hour shift was spent under the train station cleaning strollers. Rubbing them down. Each. And. Every. One. I have a very intimate knowledge of strollers now. :) Don't get me wrong, it was a wonderful morning, even though most of it was under the Walt Disney World Railroad. The huge room with rows and rows of strollers would shake like the thunder from the Apocalypse every time the steam train ran overhead. This being Florida, I simply thought it was a major thunderstorm until I realized that a monster is racing across.

Probably one of my favorite selfies. The photographers had our camera and we all
decided to jump in for a picture. If you CM's ever see this, you are awesome! 

Although tedious, it was nice to spend a few hours away making a different kind of magic backstage, magic that impacts the Guests by creating a seamless experience for them. It was a monotonous job that let my thoughts wander to other subjects, such as writing this entire blogpost in my head. And you know what I realized? I really don't take enough time to look around and appreciate all the amazing Cast Members who work here. Magic doesn't always happen on its own, and there are so many Cast Members who spend their days in the tunnels or stockrooms of the Walt Disney World resort, making that magic happen for the guests. Those of us in guest facing roles would never be able to share Disney with the world if it wasn't for these amazing Cast Members.

While most of my day was spent inside, stacking strollers, wearing gloves, and wiping down every stroller(yes, for any parents concerned about whether or not the strollers are cleaned, I can assure you, every stroller is cleaned by hand. Every day. All day long. It's clean. I promise), I really enjoyed a peak into the backstage magic that is needed every day. We had the time to talk while worked, and really get to know my fellow Cast Members in a way you don't usually accomplish while on stage.

Our sun is so cool, can we just talk about that for a second?
Although I wouldn't want to work underneath a roaring steam train every day, this break from my merchandise reality was a wonderful refresher on why I do what I do. Yes, I have a bachelors degree and I am still working an entry level retail position, but guess what? I get to make magic every day. And that is super cool. My walk back to my car also includes a view of a castle, waving at Mickey Mouse, and Disney music dance parties in an above-swamp-land-under-a-theme-park tunnel, none of which I would get anywhere else. Today, I remembered again how awesome that really was.

The Wilderness must be explored!
With a good hat and 110 SPF, of course :)
As a total aside(I warned you this post was super random) Team USA advances into the knockout round of the World Cup!!!!!! I hope to join the loyal fans at the Odyssey Center in Epcot later this week! The Netherlands made it too. I am one happy girl :)

Well, one final thought: I challenge you, each and every one of you to make your own magic no matter what you are doing. Spread a little hope and pixie dust to the people in your life. Whether you are a Disney Cast Member used to going above and beyond, or a police officer, or a secretary, it doesn't really matter. Every one needs a little pixie dust in their life, so I challenge you to be the one who brings it. 
I'm wishing.....
And, since I am watching old Star Trek reruns as I write this, in honor of Captain Kirk,

Lizzie out.

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