Monday, November 4, 2013

Magical Moments: Princess Edition

I sat down to update my Facebook page last week, realized that my status update would be extremely long. After considering the pros and cons of a novel length status, I finally remembered I could update my blog instead! Last Tuesday was a truly magical day at work. It was a day I was dreading, because I have a bad cold and a headache. I knew it would take some serious magic and prayer to gat me though the day. Not only was my night truly magical, I had a wonderful time as well! So here is a recap of those magical moments :)

One last fall day at the Magic Kingdom before Christmas begins! 

Magical Moment #1: Knighthood
Sadly, we were completely out of stock of my favorite hat in the whole wide world: my Jessie hat. Without that fine and dandy red hat, I really didn't know what to do. My solution? Don a pink princess cone hat! With streamers waving down my back, a multicolored wand in my hand, and a Sleeping Beauty necklace draped around my neck, I was ready to greet the royal guests of my kingdom. So I placed myself at the Test Track facing door, and began my princess duties for the night. I decided to greet all the little boys(and the big ones, too) who walked in as knights . Most of them just turned red and bashful before smiling shyly at me. One boy, he was about 9 or 10, walked in my door. I greeted him with a "Why, hello Sir Knight!" He took off his hat and bowed to me. I curtsied and then he continued on his knightly adventures. It melted my heart.

Goofy taught me to hoedown :) He was awesome at it! 

Magical Moment #2: The Tiny Knights
As I was waltzing in front of the door, I had a queen stop her stroller of knights right before me. After conducting the usual formalities of bowing and curtsying, this little knight and I began our conversation. He told me all about his knighthood training, he was just starting the level called kindergarten. He also told me he had been on a knightly quest. His quest took him many miles, over rivers and through woods, before being shrunk by magic to a size small enough to fit Ina ball and travel on a time machine! After giving me instructions for my own quest, it was, alas, time for him to complete his journey. He promised me he would defeat the dragon in a neighboring kingdom called Hollywood Studios, then he was on his regal way, blonde towhead curls flying, his queen pushing him majestically along in his blue carriage.

Throwback to where my love for Disney began: Disneyland and Ariel! 

Magical Moment #3: My Rescuing Knights
These two knights are both from different royal families, but I believe they must be from the same knighthood order, because they both have a knack for rescuing damsels in distress. The first one was about 8 years old and in line for my register with his queen and princess. When I questioned him on whether he had rescued any damsels in distress lately, he shyly answered yes. He had rescued his mother, the queen, from an evil golf ball that was shooting right at her after she had been kidnapped by an evil villain named Soarin'. His queen was profoundly grateful, and decreed him a knight of the highest order.

I got to work the Halloween Party this year! It was SO much fun!
The second knight arrived at my register with a royal entourage consisting of the queen and king, along with the little brother who considered himself the prince, but the knight said he was a squire. I couldn't quite get his role straight ;) When I inquired of my knight as to whether or not he had rescued any damsels in distress lately, he causally leaned against the counter and said, "none this month." I laughed and asked if he was taking a break. "Of course," he answered, "Everyone needs a vacation., even knights of the realm. I'll go back to rescuing princesses soon." We chatted about his recently knightly exploits before the king and queen swept away, knight and squire in tow.

Don't know where I would be without this group of people on my life.
Breakfast at Tusker House! 
Along with being a princess comes the unfortunate curse of being hunted and thwarted by an evil villain. For me, that was Ursula. A little into my shift, I lost my voice. There could be only one explanation: the evil sea witch. I was convinced she must have gotten Ariel and me confused, and stole my voice instead! I spent the rest of my night greeting guests in a whisper and explaining that Ursula got us mixed up and stole my voice, and if you see her could you please kindly get it back for me? As they left my cash register with smiles and nods of agreement, I knew that it was possible to make magic even when I couldn't speak. 

I finally met up with this little lady at her new home in Hollywood Studios!
We had a great conversation about dresses and polka dots.  
It truly was a regal day indeed. Which begs the question, how are you going to make magic today? :) 

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